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Nurse Owned & Operated: Boutique HomeCare

Hiring a caregiver for an elderly loved one can be overwhelming—and daunting.


CareWell delivers a blend of exceptional care with unrivaled hospitality. We recruit skilled caregivers with a natural aptitude for compassion and train them to foster a warm, supportive environment for the client. In other words: Nothing but service, as they understand, they are at your home to serve. 

Unlike many senior care agencies, CareWell is not a franchise. We are not bound by the rules of a vast and distant corporate enterprise.


We are a boutique homecare service, proudly nurse-owned and -operated. That means every decision is made by people who prioritize care and service over business. We never take a cookie cutter approach; instead, we remain nimble and prioritize the changing needs of our clients above all else.


Care Planning for Affluent Individuals

For many families that are contemplating later-in-life options, care, and lifestyle for a loved one, decisions are often simply about finding a safe and affordable facility.


For other families, it’s a little more complicated than that.

For some, it may be about preserving assets or a business interest. For others, it may be about keeping the generations engaged and secure. And for still others, it may be about maintaining a lifestyle, passing on a legacy, or simply doing everything possible to make the upcoming transitions and lifestyle as fulfilling and as enriching as possible, and to preserve or even enhance your loved one’s quality of life for as long as possible.


And that takes planning. That takes coordination. And it takes experts who understand the unique needs of these individuals and their families facing the later stages of life.

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